Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions. Please call us on 01949 844489 if you would like any more information. 


What do I do at the start of a session?

A member of staff will meet you at the door to collect your child. Please ring the doorbell for attention. For the first few sessions it will usually be the childs keyperson who meets you, allowing you to discuss any important points. We also allow parents to come in for a short period of time if your child is unsettled.

When collecting and taking a child home, please ring the doorbell for attention and a member of staff will bring your child to the front door.

If someone other than the usual person is to collect your child please let us know in advance. 


What should my child wear?

Your child will explore and experiment with all kinds of materials and engage in lots of physical activities at Pre-School and so we recommend you dress them in clothes that are suitable for active outdoor play and messy activities such as painting, modelling and water play. The older the clothes the better!

We encourage children to be independent and it really helps if their clothes are loose enough to allow them to dress and undress while toileting and shoe fastenings are age appropriate. 


Should I label my child's things?

Yes please! We often have shoes, lunch boxes and coats that are the same and so labelling these items with your child's name helps us to avoid any mix ups.


Can my child have a snack during their session?

Yes, we provide a healthy rolling snack in our morning and afternoon sessions and water and semi-skimmed milk are always available. Children are supported and encouraged to access the snack bar independently.


What happens at lunch time?

After going to the toilet and washing their hands, all the children sit down together with the staff to eat lunch. Lunch times are a social occasion and our team role-model and encourage good manners and healthy eating. We provide jugs of water at the table and so you do not need to pack a drink for your child. We support children to eat their lunch in nutritional order and any leftovers are left in their lunch box so you know what they have eaten.

If you would like some ideas for lunch boxes, or want to to talk about any aspect of healthy eating, please talk to our Healthy Eating Co-ordinator Sue Booth. 


Do I have to let you know when my child is not going to come?

Yes, please let us know if your child is going to miss their session for any reason.

It is especially important that you let us know if your child is away with an infectious disease such as chicken pox or impetigo. We also ask that if your child has diarrhoea or vomiting, please ensure they are symptom free for 48 hours before they return. Ask a member of our team or see our Illness policy for more information.

To help prevent the spread of infection it is very important that any child should be kept at home when they are unwell.

We keep a record of children’s absences to safeguard children and implement Free Early Education Entitlement funding and so when your child returns we will ask you to sign an absent form for our records.