What is Tapestry?
Tapestry is a secure educational programme we use to create an online learning journal for your child. Your child’s key person will add photos, videos and observations showing your child’s achievements and progress whilst they are at Pre-School and you can add your own comments and observations from home. The learning journal is a record of your child’s learning and development and is not used as a general communication tool or weekly diary.

How does Tapestry work?
Each child has their own online Learning Journal. Parents can access Tapestry through the website or via the Tapestry app (available on Android and Apple) with their own secure login password and PIN. Staff have access to their key children’s Tapestry accounts using their own secure passwords.

Where do I start?
We create your child’s Tapestry account once you have completed your child’s Registration form and given permission for an account to be set up. You will be sent an activation email to the email address you have given us and be asked to create your own password and PIN to login. You can then start your child’s learning journal by completing the ‘About Me’ section on the Tapestry website which will help us to get to know your child before they start. The website version of Tapestry is at www.tapestryjournal.com. You will need to use the website version to view reports and edit your preferences for notifications.

How do I change my settings on the website?
Click on your user name in the top right hand corner and a drop down menu will appear. You can select ‘Edit Preferences’ to change your password, email address and notification preferences.

How do I get the Tapestry App?
If you have an iPhone/iPad, the app can be downloaded from the App Store (search for Tapestry Mobile). If you have an Android phone/tablet, the app can be downloaded from the Play Store (search for Tapestry). You can use the app to view and add observations to your child’s Learning Journal.

How do I change my settings on iPhone/iPad/Android?
You can change your password and email address on the Tapestry app. To change your settings on the iPhone/iPad app, click the ‘gear’ button on the top left hand side of the screen. To change your settings on an Android app, click the three dots on the top right hand side of the screen.

How can I view my child’s Learning Journal?
Once logged in to the app or website version, you will see your child’s observations in a list on the ‘Observations’ screen. Just click any one of these to view the observation. You can add your own comments in the box at the bottom of the observation.

How do I know that there is a new observation?
Tapestry will automatically send you an email when an observation for your child has been added. You can change how often you receive emails by clicking on ‘Edit Preferences’ in the username drop down menu on the website version of Tapestry.

How do I add an observation to my child’s Learning Journal?
On the website, click ‘Add Observation’ on the ‘Observations’ screen and select your child, add a title and then type in your observation in the notes section. You can add photos or videos by clicking on the ‘Add files’.
If you are using the App choose the ‘plus’ icon on your iPhone/iPad/Android and then ‘Notes’ for Apple and the pen icon for Android. Add a title and then type in your observation in the ’Observation box’. Photos and videos may be uploaded by choosing the ‘Media’ option on Apple and the camera icon on Android.
For website and App versions when you have finished your observation click on the ‘Save’ button.

Who can access my child’s Learning Journal?
Your child’s key person and the Manager have access to your child’s Learning Journal. The only other people that can see your child’s Tapestry account will be you and anyone that you share your login details with.

Will I receive a copy of my child’s Learning Journal at the end of the year?
Yes – we will save your child’s Tapestry Learning Journal as a PDF that you can download from Tapestry and keep.

We hope that you enjoy sharing your child’s time with us through their Tapestry Learning Journal. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about using Tapestry.

For further information please talk to your child's key person or have a look at these Tapestry Tutorials.